and, oh so, counting!

My heart is racing at the thought of finally holding Silverchair’s latest in my hot hands. They’re so good to me, knowing that waiting is the ultimate in tink-torture, they’ve posted the entire album on their myspace to listen to! 4 days early! If this were the days of Beatlemania, I would totally be one of those chicks fainting or crying near the stage… because I’m just so excited-happy – it’s completely stupid! Since it’s not (and bet my juicybuns you’re glad, too), I’ll just swoon and gush a little which all sounded alot better in my head.

If I was able to do a Snoopy dance of happiness right now… I so, would be (yes, that excited)! Anyway, go, run, now! You can listen, swoon and wear that stupid grin of glee like me; cause you know you wanna!

Snoopy Dance