Some of the funny things I found funny this week (like stuffing up this sentence) were…

Worm walks into the living room after trying to find where a burning smell is coming from… He says he was sniffing around and went to sniff outside, but ran into the sliding glass door with his nose. The door has a strip on it so you can tell it was closed.. guess he let his nose do the walking. *hehe*

Second Worm funny, whilst watching Jackass Number Two at some point it got a lot hurky and Worm looked as though he were going to, but didn’t… but what was most funny was after the movie had finished he was sitting on the sofa bent over and when I asked him what was wrong he said, “I just thought about the thing that almost made me puke in the movie and I nearly puked again thinking of it.” *laughing so hard, I cried*

Another.. me trying to record using Garage Band on my MBP and wondering why no sound was being picked up only to find that the mic was muted (why the blinking blue light didn’t clue me in the first few tries I’ll never know!)

Lastly (for now anyway), me trying to get my jeans on unassisted. I’ve only just come off my crutches and though I have the okay to do things again the muscles in my legs need to be stretched so I can, well.. do things. I can’t quite bend down enough to put the jeans on and I thought to myself, “Oh no..will have to get my friend to help me get them on!” But then I remembered my wonderful, go-go Gadget arm-grippy thingo and yes, yes they can grip jean and help me yoink them up! Ah… I can dress myself again! While this may not seem like such a funny thing some ideas that were suggested to me prior to my remembering the GGG were hilarious… like you could rig some string in the belt loops… or dental floss!

Yeah, oookay, MacGyver.