• When you burn the roof of your mouth and keep tonguing the sore spot, it hurts when you do, but you just can’t stop doing it.. like it’s out to get you;
  • When your mami’s stay is over all too quickly and you have to say goodbye for a really long time… and be all sad cause she’s not here anymore and the house is so freakin empty. Everywhere you walk, it smells like her perfume so it’s like she’s here, but you can’t see her anywhere... or ….
  • When your little dog has been acting very strangely, you bring her up on your bed for a cuddle and she goes to hide under her little blankie, but then hurks up on your quilt! Poor little Bean, poor Worm that had to clean it up (twice, cause she then finished chucking on her bed)… I think she feels better now.