Today, whilst searching for a bandaid for my avatar (that’s a whole other story in itself), I decided to explore Tableau a bit more. I’d been to this sim several times before, but never really checked it out properly. It’s got this whole rustic, ghost town feel about it (now, having been redesigned not too long ago) – complete with roadkill (with flies), tumbleweeds, and desert where if you visit the trailer at the end of the road… you too, can take a psychedelic journey to discover your destiny…

So anyway, whilst searching I stumbled upon some very cool freebies and fell down a top secret rabbit hole that led me to an alien compound… What desert is complete without an alien conspiracy? Among many other things I’m too tired to write about now, one of the coolest was the HUD you pick up at the trailer that makes everything look, well, trippy though you can’t take a snapshot with that view* so I had to take a screen shot to show you how cool it was!

Go on, go to the desert… find yourself. You know you want to.


*My friend, Oss, later informed me that there is a box you can tick to show HUD view when taking a snapshot… neat!