Ok, well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it was pretty close… My friend, Wally, and I decided to send each other silly photos over skype. We both have MBPs so we used our Photo Booth programs and the nifty built in iSight. It was all good and fun, until I was totally scammed (ok, ok, I wasn’t scammed – I walked right into it… GOSH!)

Some innocent photos ended up losing me 100Lindens (about 40 US cents). Wally says to me, pick a card and before you click accept the picture that I picked as your card tell me the number. So he sends me the picture and I’m like ok.. but if you win you have to wait til next payday cause I’m so broke (SL shoe shopping was *so* worth it* the other night!) So, right, the picture is there waiting to be accepted and I pick the number and what do you know! It’s the NUMBER! He’s a freakin magician as well as a genius newbie who when asked how he does it (the SL stuff) his cool reply is “I read alot” – bah!


But I got him back, cause uhm… I have hot chocolate, yeah, and it’s so goooood!