Though, after doing some excercises in the pool today I’m zonked! As part of my recovery, I’m going two days a week (I think I’ve already mentioned this).. it’s been really good, but man it takes alot out of me!

So tonight… I’m looking forward to veggin out and watching something funny… like, Ugly Betty.

When I was last in the states mami, grams (and I, ok, darn you! I admit it!) were hooked on Yo Soy, Betty La Fea (1999, Columbian telenovela) which was, I’m guessing, the reason they’ve made an English one. Since mami is visiting me atm, we’ve been watching and very much enjoying the English version, though, mami has made one slightly unsure comment, “it’s kinda modern”*… about the show. Uhm, yeah, mom! Rest assured, despite her comment, she’s enjoying it heaps. We all are and so should you!

I don’t know if it’s still playing in the states, but it’s only just started here Down Under. Watch it, love it – go.. now!

*Mami’s comment needs to be said like your mom would say it.. kinda, well, like a mom!