So these past weeks, I’ve been on one great big, life changing adventure that has left me walking on crutches for these 3 weeks and will also, for the next 3…. (hopefully, not too much longer after that). Crutches are not cool looking, but they can be fun and they’ve helped me get around so they are my friend.

I’ve found that you can easily get which foot you step out on first confused, but you’ll only do that a few times before you learn it feels way weird and creepy to do that. So it’s crutches, bad leg, walk thru with good leg… you can get a bit of speed up too, but lots more to pay attention to so only in short bursts.

Stairs are fun… going up you put good leg, bad leg, crutches… going down you put crutches, bad leg, good leg… incidentally it’s not a bad leg because it was bad, just that it’s the one that is bung at the moment. So stairs are like doing mental aerobics because you’ve gotta remember the right order otherwise creepy, weird feeling… ahhh!

Now for the real fun… did you know you could pretend play shoot ’em ups with your crutches – bang, bang! I got you! What, play dead… amuse me, I’m on crutches!! Also, when you’re standing around waiting for your doctor appointment (because they don’t have chairs you can sit in that are high enough) and you have someone standing near you with their legs kinda spread apart… you could very easily whack them between the legs for entertainment purposes or at least pretend to whack them which is almost as fun. Though, backlash of this action may result in reduced sympathy and manservant care (see below) later in the day because apparently laughing like that means you’re totally better!

Oh and another fun thing, sore wrists and shoulders! YAY! Hmm… ok, so not so fun, which is why I suggest more whacking ppl with your crutches!

Ooh yeah and I’ve learned to pick things up with my crutches too… like go-go Gadget arms! Though, trying to put the thing that you’ve picked up someplace where you can reach is interesting since I’m having to balance upright without the help of the crutches that are in the air holding onto the thing I’m trying to get to.

Ah, I’m so glad I’m back to hurt your brains…. you’ve missed me, haven’t you 😉