Stop laughing, Boojum!

I was so excited 5 minutes ago to find that Silverchair (my all time favourite band) were playing at the Pyramid of Rock Festival (Phillip Island) which isn’t too far from where I am.

I sent an overly cheery email to Tastyworm & Storyboard Queen stating we were ALL going because they will love me as much as I love Silverchair… I mean them, of course and what a cool way to spend the new years…

but alas (and this is a lesson for you kiddies, so pay attention) after checking the Pyramid of Rock Festival website I was so sad to find that it’s all sold out.  Which doesn’t really surprise me, but why! Why did I only hear about the festival today? I regularly check the band’s website (see my bloglines!) and I even check myspace (that’s real maddness in dedication!)

4 more tickets – one for me & 3 others… why, why are there none left? I’m going to go and pout now, because somehow I think that will help.