My mysterious hive


So I have this mysterious, hive – yeah.. just the one. It’s been coming and going for over a year now and never when I can get anyone to look at it. How can you will a hive to appear when you need it to so that it can be banished? Maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t want to leave my body and it’s little hive brain (that is to say, if, a hive had a brain) it wants to annoy me forever!

Goodness, I hope not! I had some bloodwork done yesterday and should hear back soon if it’s an allergy… I just hope the doc does find something because it’s driving me mad and am starting to get annoyed with people who love play doctor without my asking them to. If I ask then we’re cool, otherwise keep your two bit advice (thanks!) 😛

Am feeling mean today – grr. Plus I’m mad it’s off-season, so no HOUSE!