I’ve finally bit the virtual bullet and got myself a WP account. Why? Well, my blogger account no longer lets me update it (for reasons I’m still not clear about) and secondly I felt a little creeped out having a myspace account*; it seemed so loud. That’s the last thing I want in my virtual reality or any reality, for that matter.

Anyway, I’ll no longer be blogging @ www.tastyworm.com/tasty because of all the hassles with “broken pipes” and other various blogger issues over the last few months. Since when do blogs have pipes?! I can’t even make one last post to let the few people that read my blog know – I guess they’ll find me by other means (or maybe I could email them).

It feels kinda weird, moving…

Like I’m in new clothes, only the clothes are too big or something, but I’m sure that will wear off. Incidentally, I tend to start writing as though we’ve been talking all along. You’ll get used to it or you won’t – that’s just me.

*not meant as an offense to all you myspace enthusiasts!